Mega-Byte Party – ( Beginners )
Getting Started with Your Phone, Tablet or Computer
Introduction to Photo Management
Introduction to File Management
Introduction to Social Media
Introduction to the Cloud
Introduction to Digital Music
Email Basics
Back up Basics
Giga-Byte Party – ( Intermediate )
Photo Editing on your Phone or Tablet
Breaking down Streaming Music Services – Apple Music vs. Spotify vs. Pandora
Keeping up with your Calendars
What is Integration and How Do I Make it Work for Me?
Email Management
WTF is the Cloud really?
First Aid and Your Phone
Taking Back up to the Next Level
Tera-Byte Party – ( Advanced )
That’s App-tastic! – All about the Apps
Conquering Social Media – Taking your Social Media Skills to the Next Level.
Let’s Be Productive! – Making your Technology work for you!
Creating and Managing Documents on Your Device
How Secure is Your Device?  – Personal security in a digital age.
Health & Nutrition on your device – and how does wearable technology fit in?
Managing a Medical Condition in a Digital Age
Managing Your Finances on Your Phone
“The Full Upgrade” – (Custom Presentation)
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